My Beloved Son

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a sign???

Dad and I went to the lake today and talked about you...and for a little while, we laughed reflecting on happy moments...I was telling him about how in late Aug./early Sept. (me, being the goof I can be), I straddled a rock in the lake parking lot with the new SUV and was competely stuck with Hazel in tow....and how I was soooo upset and that I called you ...and that you and Harry used chains and man strength to move the car off that rock...and how you loved it that you knew I needed you! And how you kept that secret so Dad wouldn't flip out and complain....well, while talking about that and walking on the breast of the dam, what do we see but the most beautiful and magestic of creatures....a bald eagle soaring right above....was that a sign? At that time of speaking of you...and how you knew your father's love of birds??? Wishful, I'd like to think it was you soaring above in your glorious state showing us a sign that we asked you so....

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  1. So glad to hear that you and Tony got out today for a breath of fresh air! Personally I cant think of a better place for you guys to go..I love the lake and with the spring around the corner chances are I will be taking a daily ride out there just to get a piece of mind..Been doing that for years..
    Anyway that is exactly what I mean by "signs" during your day..Don't think anything less of that bald eagle being a sign Hun..If you had to question it then the answer was yes.. Hope more to come to you soon!! xo