My Beloved Son

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I still awake each morning and revisit the thoughts that you're really not here...that I can't hug you anymore or hear your voice as you used to sit and talk with me...days goes by a little better...I feel your parent should ever feel this pain...and I know you would never inflict this pain knowingly...I am trying to look to other sources of feeling positive in such a negative circumstance...God, family, reflection...the things I have learned in less than 3 wks. could fill many pages in a book...perhaps God will use me as a source of strength for someone's comfort someday...I miss you Adam and I know that'll never change but the ways in which you left your imprints in our hearts and minds will never go away...and with LOVE I remember it all...and knowing that we had PEACE in our hearts and love for each other ALWAYS is what I cling to...xoxo Mom

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