My Beloved Son

Friday, July 23, 2010

I saved items from my kid's past...I wish I could have saved more...but what forty four yr. old mom thinks she's going to need them to cherish in times like these? I found a story Adam wrote the other was about the adventures of one of his best friends and living here, on the "Hill"...a self proclaimed "Hill Rat"...Adam could embellish tales and make people gather...a visual of an Adam tale would involve him having people pull chairs around as he'd entertain them with his magical voice. The bellow of his laughter could be heard around the block...even as a youngster, he'd tell tales...he also held interest in hearing other's stories...and I truly enjoyed hearing his...I feel like I know so many of his friends much better than they'd even know I did...because he loved to talk about his friends...all in a good light...always with love...I wish I would have recorded those tales...I wish I would have had him sing more often to me...I wish I could have done so much more...told him so much more...those who are faced with sudden death are withheld from knowing or doing any of those things...because we think we have a lifetime...but truly, what defines a lifetime?

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