My Beloved Son

Thursday, November 11, 2010

purpose...a word I bring up so often. I guess as we all age, we wonder what our purpose is anyway. I would often hear older dying people question whether they fulfilled their purpose.

I do that...even as a grieving mom. I wonder if my purpose has that I lost Adam?

Or perhaps a new purpose was put into place by God...or delving even deeper....was this the purpose in the first place? The complexities of religion confuse us with a question like that...but each life lived needs purpose. Reflecting on Adam's life...I, as well as many others could see his purpose...or at least one of the main purposes he possessed was his influence on others...he was a leader...he had this positive spirit that seemed to pull people together...his talent? He had many but what stood out the most...from a parental view...was his voice....and not just the fact that he liked to, it went way beyond that. He had a voice that commanded attention, he had a voice that people listened to...mixed with kind and gentle laughter and teasing...yet with the ability to talk seriously with direction and conviction when needed. He was passionate about what he thought was right...and he never tried to talk people into following on the bad path. Even if he found personal failures, he's be the first to admit it...and steer you off the wrong way.

I think Adam's purpose was to lead by teach...even in his passing....I see it continue...I need to keep focusing that the greatest tragedy is not death....but a life without purpose...Adam's life had been full of purpose...I need to continue on with his legacy in mind...

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