My Beloved Son

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mrs. LaRizzio, I just want to thank you for the amazing award it means so much to me. I remember when I first met Adam in 7th grade when I first moved here and he always gave me a high five. Then a couple years later I saw him once again at the school where him and Matt played music for the volleyball tournament where I fell in love with his music and even today I still ask Matt Dunbar what bands are good to listen too. I also got to get to know Adam more when he worked up at split rock (where I also work at now) I was only 16 and I loved going up there with my friend Talon Fogal. Every time we went up we got lucky and saw Adam at work. Some great memories I had with him was when he would let us play pool or ping pong when we weren't guest of the hotel and also my favorite memory was when Talon and I sat in the hot tub, Adam knew Talon and I were young but let us go, yet once Adam saw young teens who were already bad sitting in the hot tub he would kick them out but told us that we were fine and talked to us about school and of course girls. Not only did Adam help us stay in the hot tub and play games, but he also showed me a lot about myself, Adam loved his town and loved good people. Him showed me to only to love one's town but to love life and to love who you are. I love knowing that being yourself is the best thing you can do in life. I am finally graduating this year and have big plans for my future. I am going to attend university of south Alabama in mobile. Where I am going to major in meteorology and also be apart of AFROTC where I will become an officer in the Air Force after college. I promise you that I will work hard and make Jim Thorpe along with your family and Adam proud. I hope to one day meet you and show my thanks for this award. I thank you so much once again and I promise to make you proud.

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