My Beloved Son

Thursday, January 5, 2017

....another Christmas came and gone without you's been 7 Christmas's without your warmth filling our home...without your laughter bellowing through the rooms, without the sight of your smiles as you'd make your entrance...God I miss month marks 7 years since you left us...SO much media coverage lately on an actress who died and her famous mother who died the very next day of a broken heart...I cannot believe that I am still life without you, my sweet son.  I made a promise to myself, that I would try (with every bit of my being) live each day in life for you...the parts of "me" that you loved best I would focus on preserving....with this new year I am vowing even more change...the strength I have from my Faith and love will continue to direct me to where I feel safe---comfortable and meant to be...I love you, always and forever xoxo

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