My Beloved Son

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

although nothing has been easy---the journey that we face does go on---somedays are easier than others...although in reality each day we face---poses new challenges...and for those who pay attention closely, it's the little conquests that we overcome...or the small achievements that we meet---that give us strength and present us with renewed Faith...I told Jordan that cooking has become my medicine... when I am lost in the kitchen, pouring over my mind is lost for a bit---a welcome thing for Ted and I... never far away is our thoughts of Adam...oftentimes, when Ted and I are alone, we have the chance to weep together...without him, I don't know what each of us would do to cope...but when we hold each other and share one another's somehow one loved Adam more than we one else can understand the pain I feel better than he does...each day

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